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New INKS Spraycan Totes Colors!!

And the ladies keeping it coming!! INKS™ is the graphic work of Pamela Mena. A 22 year old young talent, who’s pursuit to find her own identity has lead her into a world full of expression and freedom. Pamela grew up in in Queens, NY and Daytona Beach Fl. Two very different environments which enabled her to develop a very eclectic, “chill mode” style. She began making stencils in 2002 after being inspired by a famous stencil artist in Europe named Banksy. Street art, punk rock, and moving back to her beloved NY with big sister Toofly, gave Pam the opportunity to mix up her influences into what she now calls INKS™. An independent line of fashion accessories bearing her graphic and design work. INKS™ stencil work has been featured in books like Stencil Pirates, and online sites like Wooster Collective. Her hot pink, and gold printed totes can be found at Hi-Five (NYC), All the Right, (NYC) and her online myspace shop.

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