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Supreme x Oakley

It’s happened again. The brands that we grew up with are making there way back into our lives. Sure, some have still "been there" but perhaps not in the terms of "cool" or "chic". Sometimes it takes the popularity of a new brand to bring these brands back to the fashion-savvy-public-eye. And like the rise and frenzy caused by the RayBan Wayfarer, here we have Oakley teaming up with Supreme to create and yet another line-down-the-street-moment. They’re cute, I’d wear them (but if you know me, then you know I’d rather have the pair from back in the day. I am a vintage snob like that sometimes) and was ever so greatful that they weren’t the mirrored wrap style worn by the same men rocking those Zooba muscle-pants. Althought, I rock those pants today, so I can only imagine that it is only a matter of time that I will be adding wrap shades to my wardrobe. Although if you are truely cool, then you are reading this and thinking to yourself "um, I never stopped wearing Oakley. Where have you been?".

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