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Louis Vuitton X BAPE?!?!?

The March issue of W has a really interesting interview with NIGO of A Bathing Ape . Personally, my love affair with the brand started in the mid 90’s and ended as soon as the streets of America became flooded with the items, real and fake. Regardless I can appreciate a successful business and the empire and following he has created. I mean really can you imagine the money?? The article quotes Marc Jacobs , the artistic director of Louis Vuitton , as stating "I hope we’re going to do something with NIGO very soon", a la the collaborations with Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami in past seasons. The article goes on to say that "Nigo’s proposal is for a capsule line of "street cred" items for Vuitton, ranging from puffy jackets to a carrying case for turntables". No matter your love or hate for the brand, the potential of this collabo is really brilliant and gauranteed to be bananas (pun intended)!! And although the project has yet to be given the "go" just do yourself a favor and get on the wait list now and get your camping gear ready…the lines are going to be long for this one!!!

One last tid bit of info from the article is mention of a store opening on Melrose Ave. in L.A. this year as well as expand his London store and open up shop in Paris, looks like business is good!

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