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Eye on Cyana Lab: Toy Me

A bit over-due, but I have been preparing for this moment. While in Las Vegas for the trade-show circuit, I was most happy to be introduced to Cyana Lab Showroom . Located in Santa Monica, Cyana Lab, is a husband and wife team promoting and representing for sale strictly European Brands. All this week I will be highlighting the brands that Cyana Lab offers.

From Milano, Italy I present to you Toy Me . A line of silver and gold jewelry, Toy Me takes inspiration from the toys we played with as youth and the big-kid toys we play with as adults.

Space Invaders rings, Smiley necklace, Life Saver necklace, Bear Trap cuff bracelet.

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Lego Bracelet,Lego Earrings and Bracelet, Spray Cap Earring & Necklace and Machine Gun Necklace, Money Rings

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For info regarding Toy Me, contact:

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