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JB Classics Lab x Sneaker Pimps

JB Classics Lab® has teamed up with Sneaker Pimps to NOW release a very special limited model. Inspired by the chain link fence pattern that Sneaker Pimps is known for using in there various installations throughout the world, Accented with a seven colorway outsole bottom,  JB x SP cinch bag, packaged with additional lace options. Also each shoe is hand numbered & limited to 144 pairs globally.   And Ladies, the shoes start at a Men’s 4.5 so we’re not left out of this hotness!!  You can cop ’em here:

-Bodega (Boston)
-El kartel (Vancouver,BC)
-NormL (Ontario)
-P.E.G. ( Dallas,texas)

– Passover (Tokyo)
– Source (Shanghai)
– Espionage (Sydney)
– Laced (Brisbane)
-The Loft (New Zealand)

For more photos of the behind the scenes action of making this shoe, peep this.

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2 Responses to “JB Classics Lab x Sneaker Pimps”

  1. Coley says:

    can u purchace JB sneakers online????
    If you can wat’s the website you can buy them from?

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    I think they sell on their site:

    If not, you can contact them from their site.


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