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If I Was A Rich Girl…

“I’d buy everything, Clean out Vivienne Westwood…”

The legendary and sometimes dangerous fashions (remember the fall Naomi took on the runway…ouch!)of Vivienne Westwood are making their way to San Francisco for the exhibition Vivienne Westwood: 36 Years in Fashion. The exhibition will be showing between March 3rd-June 10th at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and will be the only North American venue of the international tour.

The exhibition which will showcase more than 150 garments and accessories, from the gloriously elegant to the rebelliously provocative. The work, created over 36 years, encompasses styles from the street style of the 1970s to grand ball gowns whose designs were influenced by historical art and dress, to more recent exploration of pattern-cutting techniques and socio-political critiques.

The designs of Miss Westwood are seriously a piece of fashion history. Don’t miss out on this show! I’m sure after I visit the exhibition I’ll probably be singing the same tune as Gwen and wishing I was a Rich Girl 😉

*I know proper grammar dictates the use of the word “were” not “was” but the title is a tongue in cheek reference to the song Rich Girl song*

Info and Images: de Young Museum

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