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Fo’ Sho’ Fo’ Show, Fo’ Sho’!!

If you have followed the tradeshow curcuit in Las Vegas you would know that it feels like every year there is a new tradeshow popping up. Usually a smaller venue with smaller, up and coming brands, these off-shoot shows have given many small brands the opportunity to get there foot in the door and showcase their wears at a fraction of the cost. So, this year brought us the Fo’ Sho’ Fo’ Show! The smallest of tradeshows, showcasing about a dozen brands…Spent a bit of time at the, Japanese brand, Phenomenon Booth, were I chatted it up with Mimi and snapped some flicks of my favs for the ladies…check it!

And a little sneak peak of some 10 Deep for the ladies…finally, something for the Ladies!!

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