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Andrea Crews…DIY fashion done right!!

While visiting The Glamorous Life , I checked out The Clones , a new blog Mama was reporting on. While checking their scene I came across Andrea Crews . Check for yourself what a talented gal she is…I am most in love with her recycled fashions, finally someone doing reconstruction right!!! MUAH!

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MCM x Married to the MOB Tote @ Colette

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What do you get when you put German accessories brand MCM and U.S. streetwear clothing label Married to the MOB together? An exclusive classic patent leather tote with MOB labeled front and back with MOB’s signature lip-shaped tag hanging from the handle. This tote is sold exclusively for one season at Colette and is priced at $1000.

For all the MOB fans, don’t be disappointed, Leah has big plans to launch her own handbag collection over the next two seasons and she is preparing for her debut denim line in NYC at the end of March. I look forward to see what’s up next, especially the handbags…

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Stella McCartney for Le­Sportsac in Spring 2008


It’s all about the collaborations nowadays, everyone likes to get designer stuff at an affordable price. After the successful collaboration Stella McCartney had with H&M , she has joined forces with LeSportsac to release a series of 30 to 40 styles of limited edition bags to be launched in Spring 2008. The bags average at $200 to $250, the deal lasts up to 18 months and is renewable. This collection only sold at selective high-end department and specialty stores worldwide, including three Stella McCartney boutiques (NY & LA), and only five LeSportsac stores, no worries if you’re not near one, they will be available for purchase online. I can’t wait to see how this collection of bags will look like, hopefully its something fresh!

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Paris Spring Couture Collections

OMG! Where have I been the past few days? Unfortunately, not in Paris. The Spring Couture shows have been going on and the pieces are incredible. It’s all about the details and trust me no expense is spared on these collections. My favorites are Chanel (big surprise), Dior, Christian Lacroix and Elie Saab.


Staying true to the Chanel aesthetic we’ve come to know and love, Karl Lagerfeld was able to put together another impressive show. The first few pieces were plays on the Chanel tweed suit and "basic" (for Chanel) black and white pieces. He then had pieces with feather details that were beautiful and airy yet didn’t make you look like Big Bird. The accessories were awesome – from the leather gloves to the really wide hoops (metal, feather covered and multi hoop), to the shoes . . . I saw many many items that I would love to have and mash up with some streetwear.


Wow. John Galliano is always theatrical but this seasons collection, inspired by the Opera Madame Butterfly, was utterly breathtaking. This is one of the most beautiful collections I’ve seen in a long time. It’s exciting to see how a designer interprets his inspiration and makes it his own. I’m not sure where one would wear these pieces but they’re the kind that you’d expect to see in a Museum. No detail was missed, kimonos, obis and geisha makeup were abundunt. Some of the pieces actually looked like origami. The folding and draping is exquisite. Sigh. I want one of everything.

Christian Lacroix

Flowers, flowers, flowers. Christian Lacroix seemed to be inspired by the most ubiquitous of spring symbols – the flower. Whether it was floral print fabric, flower appliques or reshaping the lady as flower – it was all beautifully done. All types of flowers were represented from roses, peonies, violets, marigolds, and geraniums. Again, not the most wearable stuff, but oh, so pretty!

Elie Saab

A lot less theatrical than his counterparts, Elie Saab’s show was one award ceremony dress after another. That doesn’t make them any less beautiful, just a bit more grounded in what women are actually wearing. Inspired by the "colors of dawn over Beiruit" I loved his color palette and particularly liked his bold use of color on the gowns. He then brought in a bit of glitz which was very reminiscent of the Studio 54 look – which is fine by me!

More pictures of the collections after the jump . . .

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Cuteness Burger dot com!

A new blog in effect!!! is run my the hotness steak sandwhich duo of Ben Mayorga and Maria Gillespie!!! (Really they are the hotness and my fav couple of 2006!!) Reporting on street fashion around the world, this globe trotting duo live the sweet life traveling and taking pictures of things and people that they find "cute"…not a bad gig, right? If you ever wondered "What will happen to all the hipsters when they grow old and grey?" they have the answer and they found him in Tokyo, duh?! enjoy!

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