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JB Classics: Peddler Jaded Hexsells by Mdot


My gurl Mdot sent over these new JB Classics kickz she designed called Peddler Jaded Hexsells. Her Aunt Tub was the main inspiration for the hexagon print, whom worked at the Hexcell House for over 20 years making aerospace Hexagon compressed lightweight materials used on many commercial & military aircrafts. With a limited of 240 pairs these babies won’t be sitting for too long, they will be releasing on January 20th.

Material include dark-teal tumble leather, key-lime buckskin tongue panel, dark teal perforated waterproof nubuck side panels, ostrich embossed heel tab, and carrot-orange pigskin leather lining. Contrast stitch in dark teal and carrot-orange. Accent black lace color & lace locks Graphic pattern consists of Hexagon “Hexsells? pattern embossed into genuine leather with print overlay.

JB Classics: Collection C – Bridge Presentation

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