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Vintage Sunglasses are a must!

Ok, so I know we’re nearing Winter and it’s not exaclty the season for sunglasses but when I came across this Vintage Sunglasses site, I had to share it ASAP! This online shop carries authentic sunglasses from the best designers of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. All the models on the site are new and have been collected from the desingers collections. Many are rare finds and are priced accordingly. My favorite designer is the German born Cazal, who has been in the game since the mid 70s. Below are a few of my favorite Cazal models. The Cazal 867s (at top) are so forward looking in their asymetric design. It’s easy to forget they’re vintage! The 163s (in red) make me wanna break out my Run DMC records and the 874s (at bottom) are just a steal at $90!

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One Response to “Vintage Sunglasses are a must!”

  1. darious says:

    Damn those are complete fire !!!


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