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At The Ballet . . .

Marc Jacobs is in good company – he can count himself among the fashion designers that have designed costumes for the ballet, including the one and only Mlle. Gabrielle Chanel.  He designed the costumes the dancers wore in a new ballet called Amoveo choreographed by Benjamin Millepied for the Opera Garnier.  Here are some the sketches – full story after the jump . . .

Image:  French Vogue

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Marc Jacobs ‘Rises’ to the Occasion at Ballet
By Miles Socha

PARIS — Low-rise pants styles might be all the rage, but not for the ballet stars at the Opera Garnier who are keen to show off their assets.

That’s what Marc Jacobs learned last week when “Amoveo,” choreographed by Benjamin Millepied and costumed by Jacobs, premiered here for an eight-performance run, which ends Saturday.

“The tights, they pull them way, way up,” the designer said after attending multiple dress rehearsals and making last-minute alterations to his 42 costumes, mostly tunics, T-shirts and tights in a range of metallic shades.

While dancers ignored his suggestion of low-slung tights, and some demanded more plunging necklines, there were more serious technical difficulties with the pas de deux costumes, which were deemed abrasive. Jacobs said rolled metallic piping to suggest the musculature of the dancers had to be replaced with flat bands to accommodate their movements. Otherwise, the designer said he was “super happy” with the final look of the 40-minute piece, performed to excerpts from Philip Glass’ lushly repetitive “Einstein on the Beach.”

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