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New Tees for Girls

Found a bunch of great tees out there for the ladies . . . they’re all different styles so there’s something for everyone.


These tees by Rapt are hand drawn and screen printed – really nice stuff. Here’s what they have to say about themselves . . . “Rapt clothing came about as a result of two individuals’ desire to provide people with quality clothing and designs that are rooted in the unconventional. We stand in solidarity with social, political, cultural and spiritual consciousness: one which is neither bold nor underlined, but rather figurative. We will proudly strive to produce pieces that are multi-leveled and ever changing. Funk and class, the powerful and the subtle, the serious and the fun meet on the crossroads called Rapt.” You can view more and purchase Rapt here.

Me & Yu

Me & Yu is based out of the UK and also offers tees with hand drawn graphics. Their aesthetic is a bit more playful and incorporates lots of color. And for a limited time, you get 6 free pins with purchase.

Sensational Concretes
I really dig these tees. They feature allover prints of everything from cigarette butts, to crosswords to a chanel knockoff. You can see more shirts on their myspace – thanks Paul for getting back to us on the name.

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