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Gucci x iPod – Tokyo Only

To celebrate the opening of it’s flagship in Tokyo, Gucci has teamed up with Apple to “present a fifth-generation iPod etched with the Gucci logo and cradled inside a silver La Pelle Guccissima holder.” This product is only available in Tokyo at the opening. . . so sad. I’m bummed that other countries get all the cool collabos . . . execs in the US are SLEEPING. If you’re in Tokyo go get it – and if you’re not – well, we can dream can’t we?

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Gucci Gets Creative Adding iPod to Opening
By Alessandra Ilari

MILAN — At Gucci, the music and fashion axis will now spin on technology, as well.

To fete the opening of its eight-story flagship in Tokyo on Nov. 1, Gucci will host a performance by Mary J. Blige the following night and present a fifth-generation iPod etched with the Gucci logo and cradled inside a silver La Pelle Guccissima holder.

The link between Apple and Gucci for the iPod is for the Tokyo event only.

On Nov. 2, during a dinner at the Tokyo Harumi Boat Terminal hosted by Gucci chief executive officer Mark Lee and creative director Frida Giannini for some 1,000 guests, Gucci will distribute 1,100 iPods with logos to guests and press that will serve as high-tech luxury press kits. “This is a breakthrough experience we are providing to the press and VIP customers for our Ginza opening and reinforces the commitment to creativity and innovation we have at Gucci,” said Lee.

Saved in the memory of the 30 gigabyte iPod will be a press release about the store’s opening in Ginza; a virtual mini movie that will show work in progress on the Ginza outpost; images from the men’s and women’s spring-summer 2007 shows, and images of special accessories designed by Giannini for the store unveiling. Also, thanks to a special card, the iPod holders will be able to download custom-made playlists by Giannini and Mary J. Blige.

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  1. The processor is labeled as slightly more recent model number but it and the GPU are most likely the similar speed since the 3GS. The old Touch with the similar Processor and GPU as the 3G was faster. Apart from getting the clock speed turned up greater the Touch has much less software to run because its not a phone. It ought to beat any iPhone to this day in performance.

  2. Hey I have just posted a thing comparable about Gucci x iPod – Tokyo Only | M.I.S.S. on my blog the other day. How small is the internet :)


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