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Bags! Bags! Bags!

Been meaning to post this for a minute but haven’t had the chance. I escaped the office for a minute a few weeks back and found these really cute bags from Amy Davis for Le Sport Sac , My Flat in London and Betsey Johnson. Check ’em out!!

Amy Davis for Le Sport Sac

I was so happy to see this. I’ve been familiar with Amy’s work for years – she used to illustrate the page in the back of Nylon Magazine with featured products. Now, she has a bag collection for Le Sport Sac featuring illustrations of her cutie characters. . .

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My Flat in London

These bags are super feminine and cute – I stopped in my tracks when I saw them. Lots of cute ladylike details like quilting, bows, insect brooches, clever quips and even a dog shaped purse . . . made these bags a standout.

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson’s amazing personality shines through in everything she does – from her trademark cartwheel at the end of her runway shows to her party dresses. Now, her personality is shining in a new way – really cute bags!! The leather on this bag was super soft and it had really cute appliques and chains hanging off the bag.

This bag is also super cute – it reminds me of those blister-pack-ish rubber/plastic bags I had in high school . . . except these are multi-colored heart studs! Adds a nice little 80s touch to any outfit.

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One Response to “Bags! Bags! Bags!”

  1. marni says:

    i am looking for a black velvet betseyvill purse with lips and xoxo on it please contact me if you know anyone who has one and wants to sell it. The purse is from 2007 i tnink and I will pay At least 50 to 70 dallars for it. please contact me if you know where I can find it? Thank you Marni


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