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H&M Grand Opening @ Pasadena, CA

Info & Photos via: Pasadena Star News

Thanks to Esther for the link, now we can all see the ‘craziness’ of the grand opening of H&M @ Pasadena! This is just crazy, I didn’t think it was that long of a line. But guess I’m wrong, see for yourself haha!!!

Check out the video!!

It was as if a high-fashion bomb hit Old Pasadena Thursday afternoon.

Stylish women stalked West Colorado Boulevard, stopping strangers, calling out from cars, asking, “Where is it? Which way is it??

It? H&M, sweetie, the style-forward Scandinavian chain, of course.

Their numbers clogged the retail and dining neighborhood’s parking garages, filling what would have been the wide open spaces of their upper levels in the middle of a weekday.

With their heels clicking hard on the sidewalks, the lucky ones – or the simply more determined – walked by clutching white plastic bags with the two hot red letters emblazoned on the side.

The day had come. Southern California got its first H&M clothing store, and even casual observers had to know.

Prior to its opening, about 500 people formed a line from the front of the store that snaked around the block.

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